• Our aim as a Healthcare recruitment and training agency is to specifically focus on the healthcare sector and aim to help organisations to recruit the best possible candidates for specific roles in a timely and effective fashion. We offer Training and Recruitment services (work placements opportunities), for Carers, Nurses and Doctors. Ultimately, as an agency we bear the brunt of the work when it comes to sourcing talent, training the candidates, and ensuring candidates are vetted and suitably experienced for individual roles.


  • Medication Training for Care:  As a Health Care worker, an adequate understanding of drug dispensation and administration is an integral part of the job description. This course teaches how to properly administer medication to avoid overdose or underdose.

  • Working effectively with homecare clients: This course helps to provide the right enlightenment and manner in which a carer is expected to interact with the client. Patience and communication are skills that help the client become more comfortable with their carer, with this course our candidates will be well equipped to communicate effectively with service users.

  • Working with The Elderly: This course teaches the carer how to help the elderly cope with psychological, emotional, social, and physical changes and challenges that come with ageing.

  • Working with People Who Are Mentally Challenged: We train our carers to understand the challenges of mental incapacity. This is an aspect of care that requires adequate information and patience to help the carer give proper support and assistance to the client.

  • Infection And Injury Prevention: We train our carers on how to create a safe, hygienic infection-free environment for the client, how to know hazards, use the appropriate PPE, always stay alert and know how to anticipate and prevent an accident before it occurs. Covid 19 safety training and workshops are regularly held to keep the carers and service users aware of covid safety rules. This training includes how to properly clean and dispose of human and animal waste to avoid infections and diseases.

  • Working with People with Physical Disabilities: We believe that everyone has the right to live a life that is as full and active as possible. We work hard to empower people with physical disabilities so that they can gain more independence and enjoy a better quality of life. This training is tailor-made to suit individual needs and flexible so it can provide as much or as little help as is required.


  • We offer recruitment and placement services for carers, nurses, and doctors.


  • Diplomas in Health Care

  • NVQs

  • L3 certificates