Glimpse Behind the Business


Growth Strategy:

Our industry is rapidly changing and to remain relevant it’s crucial to keep abreast of new technology in the area of High-speed rail hence our partnership with Chinese National Rail

Company in the development of many high speed rail projects in a number of African countries, light urban systems projects in the UAE, with our Planners and Engineers playing leading roles in delivering one of the most innovative and technologically advanced light urban system of the 21st Century, also in the area of  commercial rail freight especially in the UK we are playing leading roles in the area of OLE extension..

We will continue to collaborate, research and seek to extend the frontier of possibilities in the Railway industry.


The way we work:

Our core team consists of leading project managers, project planners, track Engineers, Signalling engineers  based in our Essex office and over the years through proactive and dynamic networking, we have succeeded in building a global database of seasoned professionals whom we can call upon to deliver any rail project regardless of size,complexity and location.


Our commitment.

At RAILEXPERTS  We draw upon our wealth of experience and expertise in other to meet

Our clients needs

We  value our clients opinions and work with them every steps of the way in meeting their projects objectives.

We strive to deliver the best quality work to the highest standard attainable, we work with complete transparency and integrity, with all our clients and diverse stakeholders.

Renewable Energy Projects

Railexperts Limited have signed a joint venture agreement with Yoshini Nigeria Limited to develop Solar Farms in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our first project will be a 100mw Solar Farm in Abeokuta, Ogun State in the Western part of Nigeria and successful completion of this project will be the catalyst for other similar projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.